Digital Media Composition

 'Though I've been songwriting for years, mostly writing songs while playing guitar or adding digital sequencing as accompanyment, this media opened a whole world to me.

 I was forced to tell a story strictly through the music, rather than writing music as the back drop for the lyrics. Before I began, I would close my eyes and get a visual scene in my mind of what I wanted to write about.

 Once I had the mental pictures of the story, I would start with a basic melody line and begin building and embellishing from the basic idea.

 The bridge of a song or a variation is sometimes the hardest part to write as once the melody line is written, it seems to lock itself in and straying from that idea becomes difficult. I had to learn to keep my mind open and not get too locked in to an idea.

 The arrangements were also a challenge to me. I had to learn to think like the instrument I was composing at the time. Probably my weakest area is percussions.

 Each composition I write and arrange helps me accomplish a little more experience for the next composition.'

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